"Clickers" could come to Jefferson City Public Schools

Sep 12, 2012

Jefferson City officials are considering the use of “clickers” – an interactive teaching device.

The Jefferson City School Board met last night  to discuss how the devices could benefit teachers.

Sharla Buthod is the Library Coordinator for Jefferson City public schools. She says the “clickers” would give teachers a better idea of how students are learning during lessons.

“It’s probably more beneficial for the teachers because the teacher knows immediately what the kids know and what they don’t know," Buthod says. "They don’t necessarily know which student but they know if there’s a majority of kids that need to be re-taught something. They can re-teach it right then.”

Buthod says the devices will give students who are having trouble an anonymous way to tell the teacher.

Five elementary schools in central Missouri have already incorporated the devices in classes. Jefferson City officials continue to explore the idea.