Columbia advocacy group calls for increase in renewable energy

Dec 11, 2012

Credit USDA

An activist group in Columbia is looking to increase the renewable energy standards for the city.

People’s Visioning meets monthly to generate ideas to improve energy use, transportation, education and development. The Columbia Climate Change Coalition sponsors the group and now, it wants to raise Columbia’s target percentage for renewable energy.

Right now, 8 percent of the city’s energy is renewable energy. The city wants to increase the amount of renewable energy used to 15 percent by 2022.

People’s Visioning has another vision. It would like to increase the city’s renewable energy usage to 80 percent by 2015.

Monta Welch is the executive director of the Columbia Climate Change Coalition, she spoke to Columbia’s City Council about the People’s Visioning ideas at the Council’s last meeting: “The situation required that we do a whole lot more that we need to raise our energy goals to be 80 percent by 2015 for our renewable energy standard and that the People’s Visioning has a lot of ideas that could help us get a large part of the way there.”     

People’s Visioning is preparing to conduct neighborhood survey’s to communicate and educate the community about Columbia’s renewable energy standards.