Columbia ban on lighted window signs to continue

May 7, 2013

Following Monday night’s Columbia City Council meeting, businesses will face continued restrictions on how they can advertise in their windows.

The council voted to renew a temporary ban on lighted window signs with moving text for three more months. Supporters of the temporary ban say the signs are not aesthetically pleasing and the moving text could distract drivers. 

The council originally placed a six month moratorium on the signs in October, intending for city government to draw up more permanent plans for the signs during that time. But the city still has not come up with a permanent plan.

The three month extension of the ban will give the city more time to decide what to do.  But Fifth Ward Councilmember Laura Nauser said three more months of the temporary ban cannot fix a problem that she said does not exist.

“It was more aesthetics and that’s so subjective, and everybody you speak to is going to have a different opinion on what’s aesthetically pleasing or disturbing to them," Nauser said. "So, I just feel like I could have worked with one of our other processes.  And again, you know, why is this taking so long to deal with this issue? It doesn’t seem like it’s that complicated of an issue that it takes almost a year.”

The council also approved renovations for Douglass High School, including new concrete walkways, wrought iron fencing, and a patio area.