Columbia City Manager stands behind police chief

Apr 26, 2012

The Columbia Fraternal Order of Police, or FOP, is calling for the removal of Police Chief Ken Burton.  The Mayor and City Manager were sent a 349-page complaint that detailed grievances against Burton and his alleged violations.  City Manager Mike Matthes responded with his support of the embattled police chief.

“I can tell you the reaction I’ve had from the public at this point, which is uniformly supporting the chief and condemning the fraternal order of police," Matthes said.

Matthes says some police officers have some issues with the FOP’s removal request as well. “I’ve also had some troubling contact from officers who are saying they were asked about this and that this is a small group that is not operating on their behalf.”

In a statement released earlier Thursday, Chief Burton said he plans on staying, referring to his commitment to the police department as "unwavering."