Columbia College to begin science building construction

Columbia College will begin construction on a new science building starting this spring.

By Chloe Alexander (Columbia, Mo.)

Science Laboratory Coordinator, Jason Groves, says laboratory space is limited. He says everything is shared between day and night programs and that students and faculty need more space to work with. He also thinks the new addition of the science center will put Columbia College in competition with other schools around the state.

“I think it can definitely increase either people changing their majors or if people were on the fence before about whether to go here our somewhere like Mizzou or somewhere else in the state we have facilities to match or come close to, then maybe it pushes the scale in our direction,” Groves said.

Groves says that Columbia College’s new science center is expected to make classes more universal and increase student development. The building is expected to be open for the fall 2013 semester.