Columbia College Has New Partnership with Boone Co. Schools

 Columbia College and some Boone Country schools signed an agreement Wednesday that will allow education students to observe and teach classes in any school district in the county.

By Kasey Kershner (Columbia, Mo.)

Columbia College spokesperson Terry Smith said these partnerships could open up more job opportunities for the students.

“When you actually have that experience in one of the schools and you do well, then they’re going to be waiting for you to finish so they can hire you. So we are very pleased with the prospects of what these partnerships can do for our students, ” said Smith.

The students are not the only ones who are benefitting from the arrangement- teachers who host students in their classrooms can take free master level courses at the college. Eryca Neville is the Director of Alternative Education for Columbia Public Schools. She said this partnership also helps take some of the burden from the regular teachers at Douglass High School, one of the schools that signed Wednesday’s agreement.

“In my particular building it’s important because we also get more help in the building working with our students, and it helps our faculty to be able to go back and stay fresh,” said Neville.

The new partnership also added Tolton Regional Catholic High School, Ridgeway Elementary School, Columbia Independent Schools, and all public schools in Centralia school district.