Columbia company makes a move to expand in Europe and Asia

Jul 2, 2013

Credit Amy Loves Yah / flickr

The Columbia-based company, EternoGen, LLC  announced plans to enter the commercialization phase for its regenerative medical devices. The company said today it plans to open new offices in St. Louis and Stockholm.

EternoGen, LLC. is a medical bio-tech company focusing on collagen replenishment therapies. Ron Bassuner is Chief Operating Officer for EternoGen. He said the new operations office in St. Louis is looking to expand in future years as the company continues to grow, statewide and worldwide.

“We will really focus on St. Louis. Essentially the operations will be conducted out of St. Louis. The R&D part remains in Columbia, " Bassuner said. "But from there on we’ll go worldwide and have worldwide operations, mainly focused to Europe and Asia.”

Bassuner said the St. Louis office will hire up to three new employees by the year 20-14. The operations office in St. Louis will open at the city’s Center for Emerging Technologies. It is funded by an Arch Grant  that helps attract start-up businesses to the St. Louis area.