Columbia Downtown Community Improvement District Board to vote on Tiger Town street closure

Jun 12, 2012

Plans in Columbia for a downtown tailgating event at MU’s Friday home football games are beginning to take shape.

Columbia’s Downtown Community Improvement District Board votes Tuesday on whether to approve the proposed street closure for Tiger Town. The proposed street closure consists of Eighth Street between Broadway and Elm. Tiger Town organizer Greg Steinhoff says beyond the things that need to be approved committees are working on the logistics.

“We’re really in to just executing an event plan right now. We’ve hired and event planner, we have to raise the money, we have to do the marketing, put together the materials, put together the promotional campaign. So now we’re into that execution mode where we’ve just got to just get it done,” Steinhoff said.

Steinhoff says they are working on a transportation system that will take fans back and forth from the stadium and recruiting volunteers to act as hosts or hostesses for the event.