Columbia employs iPhone technology for parking violations

Jul 5, 2013

Credit cogdogblog / Flickr

Columbia Public Works is using a new form of technology to enforce parking regulations. The department has started using smart phones to document parking tickets, correspond with other agencies involved in issuing the tickets, and to take photos of the parking violations.

This technology will replace the currently used devices which use outdated technology and have caused complications in communication. Columbia Parking Supervisor Tanner Morrell says the phones are simplifying the communication between the agencies involved in issuing tickets.

“Were just going with this new technology as a way to put all of the information in the agents hands, it will let them have it at their disposal, it will cut down on unnecessary paper work and unnecessary phone calls between these entities,” Morrell said.

He says the smart phones will also make it easier to contact the individual agents: At the first of my day I can send them out a text and its right there on their phones. Basically in a nut shell it’s just cutting down on phone calls and paper work and making us more efficient”

In addition to Columbia Public Works using the smart phones, there has been discussion of the MU Police Department adopting the new technology as well.

MU Police Department Spokesperson Brian Weimer told KBIA the MU PD does not currently use smart phones. But, he says the department would be interested in the new technology.