The Columbia Hospitality Association concerned about proposed tax

Sep 14, 2012

The Columbia Hospitality Association says it’s concerned with a proposed lodging tax increase.  The tax, which would increase current lodging taxes by three to seven percent, would help fund improvements to the terminal at Columbia Regional Airport.  President of CHA, Heather Hargrove says that bearing the burden of restructuring or building a new airport terminal is not fair to other industries, the lodging industry in particular.

Hargrove said it’s wrong to think that this tax would not affect the people of Columbia.

“It does affect those that live in Columbia, despite what you hear about it being a tax that’s just paid by outsiders, those coming to visit our town.  That is not the case," Hargrove said.

She says  the C.H.A. would support a one percent tax increase, but funding through the Federal Aviation Administration would be ideal.