Columbia Housing Authority looking to reform

While debt is a problem that affects many Americans, Columbia Housing Authority is working to improve its repayment plans for residents.

By Lauren Richardson

Use of the resident repayment plan is common, but it’s causing some major debt for the Authority. Currently resident debt makes up nearly 70 percent of the C-H-A’s total debt of seventeen thousand dollars. But the CHA’s Lee Radtke says that the org has many programs to help residents overcome financial burdens.

“We’re also trying through things like family self sufficiency programs and money smart and things like that to actually teach people how to handle finances and… sort of enable people to take care of themselves and their families," says Radtke.

CEO Phil Steinhaus has detailed several reforms that will help both the residents and The CHA. After the board can receive input from neighbors, discussion of options will resume at the March 1st meeting.