Columbia Mayor aims to upgrade Columbia Regional Airport

Mar 1, 2012

Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid says offering additional air service to travel hubs like Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta is a major goal of city and regional planners.

By Kylie Hennagin (Columbia, Mo.)

At a Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission monthly meeting Thursday, McDavid said by creating new air destinations, air traffic through Columbia Regional Airport will increase from where it sits now at eight percent.

The initiative, “40 in 2020” is working towards the goal of having 40 percent of passengers who fly out of the Boone County area, fly out of Columbia Regional Airport by 2020.

“We think that’s important for the University of Missouri’s success of recruiting and retaining students, we think that s important for economic opportunities too, to make it easy for international and national clients to get in and out of Columbia," McDavid said. 

McDavid also announced that a special announcement concerning a change in Columbia Regional Airport’s service will be announced tomorrow morning at City Hall.