Columbia Nightclub Shut Down After Shooting

Nov 2, 2011

After a fatal weekend shooting, Peppers nightclub in Columbia was forced to close for at least one year.

By Kaveh Kaghazi (Columbia, Mo.)

The latest incident comes after county officials found evidence of prostitution and illegal use of food stamps in a July raid. Boone County Detective Tom O’Sullivan said Peppers has been a hub of criminal activities for a number of years.

“Peppers has been public nuisance number one at the Sheriff’s Department for as long as I can remember,” O'Sullivan said.

Peppers owner Karon Rowe faces criminal charges for her involvement in illegal activity at her business. O’Sullivan said Rowe deserves all of the blame for the criminal culture of her nightclub.

“You can ask any bar owner or restaurant owner, and they’ll tell you ultimately they set the tone for what type of establishment they have,” O'Sullivan said. 

Rowe can not apply for a liquor license for at least one year. Nor can the Peppers property be used as a bar or night club for that time period.