Columbia plans to expand its parks and trails

May 7, 2013

The City of Columbia Parks and Recreation Department is reviewing its 10-year development plan.

The Park’s development plan includes 22 additional neighborhood parks and 20 new trail projects. The department is using suggestions from the public to shape the proposal and for ideas to improve its current facilities.

Superintendent of Planning and Development Mike Snyder said public feedback is important for improvement.

“We went through and evaluated all of our existing parks and facilities and decided what type of work will need to be done to update and maintain and do further improvements to all of our existing parks as well," Snyder said. "They’ve got some really good ideas on how we can improve those facilities.”

Columbia resident Mike Denehy is the host of Boone County’s annual Pedaler’s Jamboree. The Jamboree is a festival for bike riders on Memorial Day weekend that attracts more than two thousand people. Denehy said he is happy with the city’s ambition to continually improve their recreation facilities and that most people take it for granted.

“I think people take for granted maintained trails," Denehy said. "You don’t notice it when it’s maintained but trails like this you notice when they’re not maintained.”

The revised proposal will be submitted through public process and for the City Council to adopt this summer.
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