Columbia police warn of scammers posing as IRS and Ameren Missouri reps

Jul 30, 2014

Credit File Photo / KBIA

The Columbia Police Department is warning that scammers are posing as representatives from the IRS or from Ameren Missouri in an attempt to get people to quickly send them money.

Police say the scammers have told residents they had outstanding warrants for sending money overseas and that the IRS is investigating, or that their Ameren Missouri account was delinquent and their power would be shut off. Some have even been threatened with jail time. The residents were told if they handed over cash or a prepaid money card the problems would go away.

Columbia Police say if you are solicited in this way they'd like you to contact them, and Ameren Missouri says it will never contact customers by phone or show up at your door regarding a disconnect notice. That notification comes by mail on official letterhead.