Columbia Public Schools explores ways to improve access to records

May 25, 2012

Parents with students in the Columbia Public School District may have easier access to their child’s school records in the upcoming school year.

The district is in the process of deciding between two products that can inform parents about things such as their child’s grades, attendance, missing assignments and emergencies. They also make use of mobile apps for alerts.

District spokesperson Michelle Baumstark says the upgrade in technology will help connect with parents more than ever.

“Communication you know is the whole reason why we’re doing this and it’s so important that we are able to quickly and easily be able to communicate directly with our parents, whether it be an emergency message, whether it be a message about general outreach, all those things that come from the school,” Baumstark said.

The district is deciding whether to upgrade its old notification system with a company named School Messenger, or switch to a product made by Parentlink.

The Board of Education will vote on which system they will use early next month.