Columbia Public Schools purchases property for new school

Oct 25, 2013

Credit Twix / Flickr

Columbia Public Schools reached a deal to purchase property for new elementary school.

The new school is expected to open in 2016 at the corner of Scott Boulevard and Route KK.

Initially, the school district looked into 14 possible sites for the new elementary school in southwest Columbia. After choosing the location at the corner of Scott Boulevard and Route KK, it took over more than three months to negotiate with the property owner.

Community Relations Director Michelle Baumstark said the process took this long because the school district needed to address safety, appropriate infrastructure, access to utility, and the building’s actual size.

“We really wanted to make sure that we were making a good decision and that we’re negotiating to get the best property in the area to address all of those needs.” Baumstark said.

The main reason for new schools was overcrowding. There has been a significant growth in some regions of Columbia and the community has been waiting for the new school’s location, Baumstark said.

The next step is to begin adapting the master design plan to fit the site. Baumstark says she expects the school district to talk with the community about the school’s boundaries and name.