Columbia Regional Airport Proposes New Direct Flight

Oct 21, 2013

American Airlines and Columbia Regional Airport could be adding a new direct flight to Chicago.

Credit Pylon757 / Flickr

The flight has to be approved through the Columbia City Council--if the council does pass the plan, flights could begin sometime in February.

Chair Greg Cecil of the Airport Advisory Board said the additional flight could help attract more carriers and expand the amount of airlines associated with Columbia Regional.

“I’m always hopeful that Delta will return to Columbia,” Cecil said. “I think it would be a great thing for us to have a connection back to SEC country and also if we could get a flight to say Detroit or Minneapolis.”

Adding another direct route could help students, like Rob O’Neill, who live in the area and are native to Chicago return home quicker and easier.

“It’s nice other than having to go to St. Louis or Kansas City just because of how convenient it is,” O’Neill said. “It’s such a short flight and it’s really annoying to have to drive to St. Louis for two hours for an hour flight.”

The potential new flight would accompany the currently running afternoon flight to Chicago and two flights to Dallas.