Columbia reports low unemployment rate

Feb 13, 2014

Downtown Columbia, Mo.
Credit Kristofor Husted / KBIA

The city of Columbia reported a significant decrease in its residents’ unemployment rate in December 2013.

At 3.7 percent, the City of Columbia has the lowest unemployment rate among major cities in the state.

Matt McCormick is the president at the Chamber of Commerce here in Columbia. He said the decrease in the unemployment rate simply means Columbia is attracting business.

"That also means other companies are starting to open or new companies are moving in, and those jobs are available," McCormick said. "And also shows that the workforce that we have in place here is a very desirable workforce which is one that businesses don’t necessarily struggle trying to hire people. That the workforce is a good quality workforce that they can employ."

McCormick says the main thing that separates Columbia from other cities is higher education. Institutions like the University of Missouri, Columbia College and Stephens College benefit the quality of the workforce.

While the unemployment rate remains low in Columbia, the statewide unemployment rate was reported as 5.9 percent in December 2013.