Columbia School Board examines new transportation methods

May 15, 2012

Members of the Columbia Board of Education are considering a proposal that would change how student transportation operates within Columbia Public Schools.

The proposal allows student buses to run routes for three different schools each day, instead of the current system designed for buses to run just two routes. Adding a third set of routes could potentially eliminate as many as 50 buses from the fleet, while also allowing more bus drivers to work full time. The proposal would require schools to stagger their start times.

David Wilson is the coordinator of transportation within the Columbia Public Schools.

“We also have to consider that in the mornings, more so now than ever, the buses need to arrive at school 20 minutes beforehand so that the students can get in and have time for breakfast,” Wilson said.

Board members at a Monday board meeting said they plan to continue discussing the motion, and also expressed interest in receiving public input.