Columbia schools briefly locked down after burglary

Apr 18, 2012

Three Columbia schools have re-opened after a reported burglary in the area caused a lockdown to be enforced.

A Columbia teenager has been arrested and charged with second degree burglary in the Blue Ridge area. The second suspect has yet to be found.

Columbia Police Officer Stephanie Drouin says this was not a serious situation for the schools.

“Because there was no direct threat to the school, typically they just lock the exterior doors and don’t let anybody in or out, and classes resume as normal," she said.

Public schools spokesperson Michelle Baumstark says the schools do drills to prepare for these kinds of situations.

”It’s something we do to ensure safety with our students. We want to make sure that our staff and our students within our buildings are safe at all times," she said.

Blue Ridge Elementary, Lange Middle School and Oakland Junior High were all on lockdown this morning. It lasted about 40 minutes.