Columbia schools use new technology; photojournalist documents climate change

Dec 13, 2013

German diver and marine biologist, Rupert Krapp, of the Norwegian Polar Institute, pumps his fists in victory after surfacing with plankton samples from under the ice at 82 degrees North, 500 miles from the North Pole.
Credit Randall Hyman

This week, we’ll hear from a Missouri-based photojournalist about his experience documenting climate change in the Norwegian Arctic, and learn how new technology is being used in Columbia's public schools.

Grants for laptops and iPads in recent years have been used to put more technology in the hands of Columbia Public School students. KBIA’s George Varney visited some of these schools and has a story on how the new equipment is being used.

Also, Randall Hyman is a St. Louis-based photojournalist and writer. For more than three decades, he has traveled the globe covering cultural and environmental issues. Hyman recently spent four months in the Norwegian Arctic on a Fulbright project documenting climate change. After he returned, he sat down with St. Louis Public Radio’s Véronique LaCapra, and told her that Norwegians are already feeling the effects of global warming.