Columbia Water & Light hosts expo to help with energy efficiency

Nov 12, 2013

Credit Jenn Durfey / flickr

With the approach of the winter season, managers at Columbia Water & Light are urging Columbia residents to maximize the energy efficiency of their homes.  

The water and light department hosted its fifth annual Energy Efficiency Expo over the weekend.

Columbia Water and Light spokesperson Connie Kacprowicz says that the event puts experts on-hand to answer questions for homeowners.

“As opposed to researching on your own and not getting the questions answered that you want you can come here, speak to an expert and get the information you need for your home or business," Kacprowicz said. 

Saturday’s expo had booths setup to explain cost saving techniques including insulation advice, LED light bulbs, and advice on heating and cooling systems. Kacprowicz says Columbia Water & Light finds it cheaper to purchase efficiency from their customers with rebate programs than to produce energy that would be wasted otherwise.

Rob Heuer is the owner of Nemow Insulation Company. He says he’s has been attending the expo since its first year.  He says that the expo helps with business, especially because of rebate programs that help people save money on reinsulating their homes.

“With Boone Electric or the City of Columbia, there’s a rebate program going on, so I’d say that’s one of their big deals," Heuer said. "Oftentimes you can get your attic insulated throughout this program and get half your money back on your install.”

Kacprowicz says many people believe that their home is already as energy efficient as possible, but she says there is generally room for improvement, especially in homes built before 1990, which can have declining insulation levels.