Columbia's electrical lines spark discussion at the city council

Jul 16, 2013


Credit Marlith / Flickr


The Columbia City Council has approved a route for new electrical transmission lines in south Columbia.  

Columbia council members on Monday approved routing of new electrical transmission lines  on Columbia’s south side.  A new electric substation located on Peach Court will act as the common terminal between the Perche Creek, Grindstone, and McBaine substations. 

During a public hearing, a handful of residents expressed concern about the plan, asking whether electric lines could go underground.  Some residents say building new electric lines above ground close to their property would affect their property values and quality of life.  But council members said that option is more expensive and voted five-to-two to keep construction above ground.

The council has also approved a revision to Columbia’s ordinance banning some digital signs at businesses within city limits.  Electronic signs with moving text placed behind glass windows were not previously classified as “signs” in the city code.  That provided a way for some businesses to circumvent the ordinance.  The council amended the city code to include these signs in the ban.  Time and temperature signs and gas price signs are not part of the ban.