CoMo officials consider airport changes, improvements

Mar 5, 2013

Columbia city officials are considering upcoming improvements and funding for the Columbia Regional Airport.  The airport was a focal point for discussion at last night's (Monday) city council meeting in Columbia. Council members heard from Mayor Bob McDavid on proposed improvements to the airport and what those changes might mean for the city.  A possible new terminal and funding for the air traffic control tower are under consideration. 

Councilmember Barbara Hoppe says she has learned from her experience on the council that without a good plan there is less room to take full advantage of opportunities as they arise: “I think the point that the mayor and the city manager made that was important is that once you start the planning process than you can take advantage of funding and other things that become available to actually carry the plan forward,” said Hoppe.

“Function-ability” was a key word for councilmember Laura Nauser. Nauser was referring to a possible new terminal at the Columbia Regional Airport. “We need to build an airport that is functional and looks good but we don’t need to build something extremely extravagant, we need function-ability,” she said.  “That way we can grow into our airport.  The department director had stated that we want to be able to have that capacity to build an airport and then be able to expand it as our needs would require in the future.”

Nauser says she wants the airport to continue to grow as the city does but she says airport plans must go forward cautiously.