Controversial preacher set to star in reality show

Sep 23, 2013

"Brother" Jed Smock once called Columbia home but has sought attention at colleges around the country as well
Credit Auzigog / Flickr

  Longtime traveling preacher Brother Jed Smock announced that he and his family will be the stars of a new reality TV show, “Brother Jed and Company.”

Smock is known for provoking college students with his controversial Christian message and his aggressive preaching style.

The show’s producer, Roger Nygard, discovered the Smocks in February. The pilot episode was filmed at the Smocks’ home in Columbia, Mo., and also includes footage of Brother Jed preaching at the University of California’s Los Angeles campus.    

The family currently resides in Terre Haute, Ind., but Smock says if the pilot is picked up by Country Music Television, he will continue to preach and travel to college campuses around the country while being filmed. That would include a trip back to the University of Missouri and his favorite sermon spot on campus, Speaker’s Circle.

Students at MU are familiar with Brother Jed’s visits to Speaker’s Circle.

“There will be random people and he’ll stop them and be like ‘You’re going to hell’ for stuff like shorts that are too short or if a couple is holding hands,” said MU Freshman LaDavia Robinson. “He makes people feel bad about themselves for basically living their own lives.”

Smock said he has high hopes for the future of the show.

“I’m warning Duck Dynasty, step aside. Here comes Brother Jed and family. When you’re on TV, you want to be number one, you know?” he said.

Smock said his wife and daughters are also excited at the prospect of a reality show about their lives, but it comes with a little worry.

“There is a certain amount of anxiety about how they might portray us. But you know, life is a risk,” Smock said.  “I’ve been subject to news coverage at various media outlets and sometimes they treat you fairly and sometimes not so well, so we’ll just see what happens.”