Court still not setting bond for Saudi national charged in 2012 Warrensburg murder

Jul 19, 2013

Credit Joe Gratz / Flickr

A Missouri appeals court has rejected a motion seeking the release of a Saudi national being held without bond on a first-degree murder charge.

One day after Circuit Court Judge Michael Wagner issued an order denying bond for 24-year-old Ziyad Abid, the Missouri Court of Appeals on Tuesday dismissed a defense motion seeking Abid's release. Abid is accused of paying his roommate to kill Warrensburg bar owner Blaine Whitworth on September 1st.

The Johnson County prosecutor, defense attorneys and former Circuit Judge Jacqueline Cook agree that Missouri's constitution requires bond to be set, but Wagner on Monday issued an order keeping Abid behind bars until his August 20th trial.

The Saudi government in April posted 2 million dollars bond, but Wagner said that didn't meet stipulations of a previous judge's order.