Crews rescue stranded Hollister residents from rooftops, floating mobile homes

Aug 8, 2013

Credit Photo provided by Miller County Emergency Management.

As a result of recent rainfall, fire and emergency crews performed about 30 water rescues this morning in Hollister, some of them from the rooftops of their homes. 

Bruce Bjorge, assistant Fire Chief in Western Taney County, said several of those rescues were on Old Mill Road, and that 17 of those rescues took place in Hidden Valley Mobile Home Park.

"The water rose so quickly that they were forced to the roofs of their trailers," he said. "Then, our water rescue personnel from the fire district had to perform boat rescues and actually pluck them from the roofs of their trailers. We had two trailers in Hidden Valley Trailer Park that were actually swept downstream because of the velocity of the water. And then they were wedged up against trees where our crews were able to get them rescued."

He indicated people were in the trailers when they were swept away.

Bjorge then said there were no injuries, and to his knowledge, everyone has been accounted for. The Taney County Office of Emergency management said about 50 people have been evacuated, and many are staying in a Red Cross shelter at the New Beginnings Church on Elm Street in Hollister. Some businesses have also reported several feet of water in their buildings. Crews continue searching for propane tanks and dangerous electric hazards before focusing on the cleanup.