Crops, soil dry out further in Missouri

Aug 14, 2012

The recent break from Missouri's oppressive summer heat has done little to help crops and pastures.

In its weekly update, the Agricultural Statistics Service reported Monday that supplies of topsoil and subsoil moisture were just 1 percent adequate — with the 1 percent due to irrigation in southeastern Missouri.

Ninety-eight percent of pastures throughout Missouri were ranked in poor to very condition, and livestock producers are still coping with massive shortages of stock water.

Missouri's corn crop is rated 27 percent poor and 57 percent very poor. Farmers have already cut 10 percent of their corn for grain, more than three weeks earlier than normal.

Soybeans are also faring poorly, with only 6 percent in good to excellent condition.

Rainfall throughout Missouri averaged less than one-quarter of an inch last week.