Cunningham to not run for re-election

Mar 27, 2012

A St. Louis County State Senator will not seek re-election in the district she currently represents.   Jane Cunningham had initially filed to run for the 7th District seat, even though the new Senate map places that district in the Kansas City area.

The Republican from Chesterfield had hoped that the new map would be overturned and that the district she represents would not be moved to the other side of the state.  But that didn’t happen.  Cunningham says she most likely won’t run for a different office, but admits she hasn’t made up her mind yet:

“There are a lot of ‘if’s’ out there, but if somebody could come to me with (a scenario that said) ‘this would work for you’ and ‘here are the resources to do it,’ would I consider that? Yes, but I don’t see that happening.”

Cunningham has until 5-o-clock today to decide for sure – that’s when filing for the August party primaries close.  She’s also expressed interest in the private sector and in working for the state GOP.