Cushing to step down from school board

Sep 6, 2012

Columbia Public Schools announced Thursday that one of its board members, Paul Cushing, is stepping down to take a job in Minnesota.

Cushing was elected to the board in April, alongside Christine King. He says the experience was invaluable, and that he’s not opposed to running for a similar office in the future.

“You know, I would love to do it again. Whether it’s here or somewhere else, I see the school board service being very important,” said Cushing.

Cushing said his decision to step down was out of fairness to the community and Columbia’s schools. District spokesperson Michelle Baumstark says the board will interview and appoint a member to serve in Cushing’s place.

“That member would serve for the remainder of, the term of the remainder of the school year until the next election in April,” Baumstark said.

Baumstark says candidates will be able to run for a two-year term in that election. Cushing’s time in office was set to expire in April 2015.