Deaton faces faculty council

Feb 27, 2012

This week on the show: Brady Deaton talks with the MU Faculty Council for the first time since announced cuts. Plus, a little discussion of the future of the MU-KU rivalry.

The tuition increases recently approved for the University of Missouri system still leave a 47.1 million dollar budget gap. That will mean the elimination of an estimated 250 positions system wide, and between 50-57 jobs on the University of Missouri campus. Last week, University of Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton spoke with the MU Faculty council for the first time since the Board of Curators approved the tuition hikes. KBIA was at that meeting, and we decided to let you listen in to some of the discussion.

Click on the link to the story “MU’s Deaton talks budget with faculty council” at the bottom of this page to hear the audio in its entirety.

The University of Missouri’s men’s basketball game against the University of Kansas on Saturday was the 265th time the teams have played.  But it could be one of the last times the long-time rivals will compete since MU is moving to the Southeastern Conference next year.  Opposing petitions have sprung up in Kansas and Missouri to either save or end the Border Showdown. KBIA’S Erin Dismeier discusses the feelings of students and university officials on the possible end to the Missouri-Kansas rivalry.