Democratic dynasties set to clash in August

Feb 28, 2012

Accusations of impropriety are already flying Tuesday after members of two Democratic political dynasties filed paperwork to run against each other in August.  US Representative Russ Carnahan, whose current seat was eliminated in redistricting, will challenge incumbent William Lacy Clay in the 1st Congressional District.

Clay calls the decision “disappointing.” And he said that when he went to file his paperwork – his name could not be found in the state’s voter registration file. “It is going to require quite a bit of oversight and due diligence in this process," Clay says.  "I’m losing confidence in this, especially with my opponent’s sister being the chief election authority.”

Ryan Hobart, a spokesman for Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, said Clay is registered as “William L. Clay” but told an elections official his name was “Lacy.” Once the proper name was entered, Hobart says the record appeared immediately.