Dental clinic to open in Callaway County amid growing uninsured population

Apr 17, 2013

The Community Health Center of Central Missouri is set to provide dental services at a new clinic in Callaway County next month. The new Fulton clinic is one of four of the center’s branches. CEO Don Holloman said the organization decided to extend its services to Fulton after an assessment revealed there is a growing population of people in the area without access to dental care.

“One of the greatest issues with our uninsured population is access to care," Holloman said. "Callaway County has a significantly large uninsured population. Our goal is to be able to provide, to be able to help decrease that issue in receiving access to primary dental and medical care, said Holloman.”

Executive director of the National Association of Rural Health Clinics Bill Finerfrock said because the clinic is so accessible, it will be very beneficial for the working parent, children, and the elderly.

He also said the clinic may have a great effect boosting the rural economy.

“To the extent that people do travel to go to get their health care, they’ll very often engage in other activities while they’re out of their home area," Finerfrock said. "So, you find that there are economic benefits in a community beyond just having health care."

The center received a $175,000 federal grant last year, which it used to purchase dental equipment. The clinic is expected to open May 1.