Digital privacy bills waiting for Nixon's approval

May 28, 2014

A bill that would keep information about those who check out e-books or other digital resources private is headed to Gov. Jay Nixon's desk.   

It also makes it so any third party involved with library records must disclose information of those people who use the libraries' facilities. Many of these third parties provide electronic services to libraries.

E-books and other digital resources would be considered "library materials." Other traditional materials are already covered by this type of protection.

"Part of it is updating the language of the law so that it's clear that electronic resources are included," said Daniel Boone Regional Library Director Melissa Carr.

Carr also said Daniel Boone Regional Library hasn't had any issues with disclosing information but the bill will prevent it from ever happening. 

Communications officer for the MU Libraries, Shannon Cary, agrees with Carr that the bill is being proposed to reinforce what is already taking place in Missouri libraries. 

"I think that we would already assume that all electronic materials would be treated the same as all other materials," Cary said, "We would follow our policy."

A second privacy bill is also set to be approved by Nixon.  This bill would prevent school districts from requiring its students to use IDs with technology to track their location.

If signed, both bills will be effective by September.