DirecTV, Networks of Mid-Missouri in a dispute

Oct 15, 2013

Credit videocrab / flickr

A local TV company’s contract negotiations are making some headlines in mid-Missouri.

Because of a dispute in contractual agreements, ABC affiliate KMIZ, Fox affiliate KQFX and MyZouTV will not be shown on DirecTV until a resolution is made. The three channels operate under the umbrella of The Networks of Mid-Missouri.

According to its website, the two main issues with The Networks of Mid-Missouri are:

“(1) the price DIRECTV is willing to pay the station for the right to resell the station’s signal

(2) DIRECTV’s insistence on the right to see the station’s signal on the Internet without paying the stations a fair price.”

DIRECTV was unavailable for comment for this story.

The dispute has also had an effect on local businesses that profit from sports broadcasts on those channels. Campus Bar and Grill owner Chris Flood said he has not heard of any resolution to the contract.

“I have not heard anything if the negotiations are going anywhere or not,” Flood said. “Usually on DIRECTV when there is a channel dispute, it’ll say call this number, and I haven’t seen that with these two. It’s basically saying ‘DIRECTV is no longer carrying Fox or ABC.’ ”

While Flood’s business is not affected because he uses multiple TV providers, he understands some businesses are already feeling the impact. Flood added that it could get even worse them during the baseball postseason.

“I can understand that totally, and I think that would be the exact same thing if that was us,” Flood said. “And if the Cardinals make the World Series, it’s really gonna hurt people who aren’t able to show the games.”

While the contract negotiations remain a work in progress, The Networks of Mid-Missouri encourage viewers to watch its channels via DISH Network, a cable provider or an antenna.