Douglass Park Organizes Neighborhood Association

Nov 9, 2011

Residents in Columbia’s Douglass Park neighborhood are coming together to create a neighborhood organization to better serve the needs of their community.

About 16 residents attended the first meeting of the Douglass Park Neighborhood Association.  Association chair Tyree Byndom said before the organization started meeting, he noticed a real disconnect in the neighborhood.

“We went and walked and knocked on every door, and we went this direction for two miles, we went with this direction for two miles, that direction for two miles, that direction.  We met maybe three or four neighbors who would actually answer the door. ”

Issues that came up at the meeting included crime and drug prevention, and ways to provide help for senior citizens in the area.  Eduardo Crespi is the director of Centro Latino, which is located in the Douglass Park area.  He said he would like to see the neighborhood work together.

“For the neighbors to organize, to get together, and just work on different concerns- violence, rehabilitating homes, helping the elderly, the people that are in need. ”

The Douglass Park Neighborhood Association will meet the first Tuesday of each month at Columbia’s Centro Latino.