Downtown Moberly should expect a power outage this weekend

Sep 14, 2012

Downtown Moberly will be without power for a few hours on Sunday morning. Ameren Missouri will be upgrading a 4 kilovolt line to a 12 kilovolt line. Ameren spokesperson Kent Martin said the power outage won’t affect too many local businesses.

“About 105 customers will be affected by the outage. It’ll begin about six o clock in the morning; it should end no later than ten, we’re hoping it’ll be sooner than that. We’ve scheduled it on a weekend when the most of these are commercial customers, businesses will be affected and most of them will be closed at the time,” Martin said.

Martin said the reason for the power outage is to upgrade the strength and reliability of the energy Ameren delivers to Moberly. He saod power surges are possible and residents should be cautious about what they leave plugged in.