Endangered pallid sturgeon; new downtown grocery store

May 9, 2013

Renovations are already underway for Lucky’s Famers Market, set to open in October. The owners chose the old Osco building site because of the accessible location from downtown.
Credit Andrew Yost / KBIA

Coming up we’ll hear about the new grocery store opening up show in downtown Columbia. But first, more than 20 years after being listed as an endangered species, the pallid sturgeon is just treading water in the Missouri River. Manmade channels, impounds and dams, commercial fishing and environmental contaminants all had been fingered in the demise of the species.

Now, thanks to an ongoing restocking program, the fish population IS stable. But as Grant Gerlock of Harvest Public Media reports, plans to improve the Missouri River ecosystem -- and help the pallid sturgeon actually recover -- must also take into account the broader river economy.

A new grocery store is set to pop up in downtown Columbia as early as this fall. It will take the place of the vacant Osco Drug building. KBIA’s Andrew Yost reports the opening of the grocery store may have a role in future downtown development.