As enrollment deadline draws near, Missourians share their health insurance stories

Mar 27, 2014


Top: Rex Sharp, Kathryn Richter, Theresa, Angel, and Jospeh Pham with their mother, Julia and Dan McDaniel; Middle: Ann Hampton, Tom Perry and his wife, a sign outside the enrollment event at the Springfield Library Center, Mark James; Bottom: Pamela and Edmund Brown, table at the Life Betterment Fair in Springfield, Gene W. Griffith, Layla Earl
Credit Katie Hiler / KBIA

We’ve been hearing a lot about the Affordable Care Act from a number of politicians - Governor Jay Nixon, Senator Roy Blunt, and, of course, President Obama, to name a few.  These people can talk about the number of people insured and weigh the cost versus economic impact. But behind those numbers they’re citing are people, Missourians. Those dollar figures they throw around, that’s money in and out of our pockets. So how do Missourians who have been trying to utilize the new healthcare law feel about it? 

A team of reporters from KBIA decided to find out. Earlier this month, ahead of the impending ACA enrollment deadline, the group Cover Missouri organized enrollment events all across the state. We sent reporters to events in Springfield, Carthage, Rolla, and St. Louis. We asked the people there: “What’s your health insurance story?”