Eviction Process Changes Approved by City Council

The City Council has approved two new measures that affect the way evictions are carried out in Columbia.

By Scott Malone (Columbia, Mo.)

In downtown Columbia Monday night, the City Council voted unanimously to extend the amount of advance notice residents will receive before eviction from 120 days to 180 days.

The Council also approved a proposal from Councilmember Barbara Hoppe allowing those residents to live on the property rent-free for the final three months before eviction.

The new measures come during the controversial Regency Trailer Park rezoning process, but Hoppe said it may be too late to help Regency residents.

“This doesn’t specifically affect Regency because they already received their eviction notices. But it is for any future rezoning,” Hoppe said.

Council members say the Regency Park residents still have until Feb. 29 to find a new home. The rezoning process for Regency Park continues at City Council’s next meeting on Nov. 21.