Farm bill holdup leaves farmers in limbo

Aug 15, 2012

This week on the show, what would happen if Congress doesn’t pass a farm bill? Plus, a quick check in on the new student-oriented bus route in Columbia, that started running this week; and what it might mean for the city’s overall transit system.

While members of congress are back in their home states running for reelection, back in Washington wait piles of unresolved legislation. Including the farm bill – which covers everything from food stamps to farm commodity programs. But with the full congress only in session for 13 days between now and the November elections, passage is looking pretty bleak. Clay Masters, reporting for Harvest Public Media, asks: Could there really be no farm bill this year, and what would that mean for Midwestern farmers?

As college students start making their way back to town, Columbia Transit has begun running its new route that connects campuses and apartment complexes with the downtown area more directly. The FASTCAT line began operation Monday morning as planned. Columbia Works spokesperson Stevens Sapp says Brookside Apartments has bought passes for each of the students living in their complex, and two more complexes are also in the process of signing contracts. We talked to Sapp a bit about what this means for the Columbia Transit as a whole. Listen to the audio clip above for the 1:30 snippet of the interview.

One thing that didn’t go as planned was the launch of the mobile phone application riders will be able to use to track their route, the one we talked about on this show earlier this summer. Sapp says there were some issues with AT&T that held up the launch, but Columbia Transit hopes to have the app operational by end of the week.