Farmers worry about sharing 'Big Data'; Fracking debate ignites in rural Illinois county

Feb 20, 2014

Credit Grant Gerlock / Harvest Public Media

Many people struggle to protect their data online, whether it’s what to share on Facebook or how to react to targeted google ads. Farmers are worried about some of the same issues. 

They’re using precision information from their fields to prescribe exact doses of everything from seeds to water to fertilizer. That farm data could help drive new levels of productivity. But as Harvest Public Media’s Grant Gerlock reports, farmers also have to decide just how much they want to share.

Also, the debate over hydraulic fracturing is heating up again…this time in rural Johnson County, Illinois. A group of residents there - including a member of the county commission - has come out against a resolution that will appear on the ballot next month to ban fracking on their turf.

As KRCU’s Jacob McCleland reports, they’re leading a campaign to vote no on the issue.