Final meeting for response to natural disasters

Sep 11, 2012

An interim committee examining Missouri’s response to natural disasters is holding its final meeting in Jefferson City today.

A committee tracking natural disaster response has held meetings around the state to gauge feedback from Missourians on recent disasters. Among the most frequent topics discussed has been a possible alteration to Missouri’s existing Good Samaritan Law, which presents unclear guidelines for out-of-state health providers in events of emergency as it stands currently.

Citizen committee member Dwight Barber, who is General Counsel of Freeman Health Systems in Joplin, said that public input has been the root purpose of the meetings.

“We have taken public testimony at all of the meetings to hear the concerns of the responders and those who are trying to recover from disasters of what we might do to improve state processes,” said Barber. 

The committee is scheduled to submit its findings from the public input meetings by December 31.