Flying overseas - to look at wheat?

Jul 4, 2012

Visits from foreign buyers play a role in sustaining certain agriculture markets in the Midwest. Plus, educators, designers and engineers team up to try to fund the next big innovation for small farms.

Wheat farmers may be tied to the land, but their crop isn’t. About half of the wheat grown in the United States each year is exported. To help sustain these markets, the wheat industry invites these overseas customers to come to the U.S. to see how the wheat they buy gets from the farm to the port. Harvest Public Media’s Camille Phillips joined a group from Nigeria for a portion of one such tour—a visit to the Kansas City Board of Trade.

The first Midwestern Farm Hack recently took place in Iowa City, Iowa. Farm Hack is part of the National Young Farmer’s Coalition, and its goal is to engage young and small-scale farmers to collaborate with educators, designers and engineers. They’re looking to find the next big innovation for small farms. Clare Roth reports for Harvest Public Media.