Following ridership decrease, Columbia Transit wants your feedback

Apr 8, 2013

Columbia Transit and Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services are calling on residents to provide input for possible changes to the city’s public transportation system.

Columbians are invited to participate in an online survey regarding their transit use, desired changes and funding possibilities. All residents are encouraged to take the survey regardless of if or how often they use public transportation.

“Honestly we’re just really excited to hear what people have to say,” Columbia Transit Marketing Specialist Christa Holtzclaw said. “I think that there are a lot of varied views about public transit and how it benefits, and we’re hoping that we hear back and that people realize that it benefits everyone, not just the people on the bus. But we’re not really sure what we’ll hear back and we’re excited to be able to use that in our planning processes in the future."

The survey follows an 8% decrease in ridership in the 2011-2012 year. Participants are asked to weigh in on ways to fund changes, including a proposed utility fee.

The Department of Health and Human Services is doing a Health Impact assessment; specifically on a possible utility fee.

"Nothing has been brought forward in a formal manner to go onto a ballot or anything like that, but they are looking into what impact that would have," Holtzclaw said.

Those who complete the survey will be entered in a drawing to receive a 30-day bus pass or $50 gift certificate. The survey is open until April 15.

The survey is available here: