Former Mo. prison official killed

Mar 20, 2013

A former prison official with a three-decade career in Missouri was shot and killed at his home in Colorado Tuesday night. Jennifer Davidson has more.

Tom Clements devoted three decades of his career to the Missouri Department of Corrections before leaving the Show-Me State to lead the Colorado Department of Corrections.

Clements’ former colleagues in Missouri are grieving upon hearing the disturbing news.  George Lombardi is the director of Missouri's Department of Corrections, and knew Clements well.

“I sent out a note to every staff member in the department. I’ve sent [a note] to a number of people  who used to work in the department, members of the corrections department, and members of the General Assembly. The governor has put out a statement about Tom here, in addition to the governor of Colorado, of course.  So, we’re all trying to make sense of it. And right now, it doesn’t make any sense,” Lombardi said.

When asked if Clements had angered anyone, Lombardi said he would find that hard to imagine, saying Clements was a “good, decent, and kind man.”