Four students taken to hospital after Jefferson City school bus accident

May 3, 2013

According to a Jefferson City Public Schools press release four students were taken to the hospital after an accident involving a school bus and a car Friday morning near Lewis and Clark Middle School. The district says police and school officials went to the scene after the accident at approximately 7:30 Friday morning, and determined three of the 39 students on board needed to go to the hospital. They were transported in an ambulance. Jefferson City police say the injuries to the three students were minor.

A fourth student was taken to the hospital by their parent. The other 35 students on board met with the school nurse and then went to class.

Jefferson City Police say the bus collided with a car as the car was pulling out of the drive form Lewis and Clark Middle School. The driver of the car and the bus both had minor injuries and were also taken to a local hospital in an ambulance.

According to the release, the parents of all of the students on board were notified of the accident by 9:40 Friday morning. It was bus #47, and the accident happened near the intersection of Lewis and Clark Drive and Eastland Drive.