Fourth of July in Fulton honors military

Jul 4, 2013

Fulton community members celebrate the Fourth of July, in the city's second annual Independence Day parade, July 4, 2013.
Credit Mary Kate Burgess / KBIA

Hot dogs, American flags, and the cheers of children were among the sights and sounds in the air today at Fulton’s 2nd annual Fourth of July parade.

This year’s parade in Fulton honors the city’s WWII veterans, and members of the military. 

Fulton resident Ellie Fritz said she loves Independence Day, and thinks the parade was especially meaningful this year: “It’s a tribute, especially for the WWII veterans, but all veterans,” Fritz said.  “ But a special emphasis on WWII this year.”

Fulton resident Brooke Hartman said she loves the Fourth of July holiday, and enjoys the family atmosphere that the parade brings to the community.

“I like how the whole community comes together, and supporting our soldiers, our veterans, and our current military, it’s amazing,” Hartman said.

Like Jefferson City, Columbia, and other communities across the state, Fulton will continue Independence Day celebrations later tonight with a fireworks show.