Fulton superintendent touts minimal budget cuts for 2012-2013

The Fulton Public Schools Superintendent says there won’t be extensive cuts to the district’s budget for the 2012-2013 academic year. 

By Zahra Rasool

Superintendent Jacque Cowherd says class sizes, transportation plans and current staffing will remain the same as the previous school year.  This comes after three years of cuts to the district’s budget and an overall two million dollar revenue reduction since 2008. Cowherd says that’s due to cuts in state funding.

 “50 percent of our revenue comes from the state and we just cannot make up that kind of revenue locally to continue our operations if the state doesn’t help fund it,” Cowherd said.

Parents are particularly upset with fewer activities and course offerings because of cuts in recent years.  Cowherd says the district may ask the community to vote on a tax levy sometime in the future to maintain the quality of education in Fulton